Our little story 

The pandemic filled year of 2020 had brought a lot of unknown to many, though in my case it truly led me to a business I never knew I could love as much as this. Sourcing and owning pre-loved and vintage items had always been a part of my journey for as long as I can remember. Being a young child, I was always drawn to hearing the stories of the items found in family members homes. I would sit and listen to my grandparents explain the history of different knick knacks or furniture pieces that each had their own tale. I truly never grew out of this. I love knowing about items that had a past, really understanding the intent behind choosing that special piece and learning about a persons curated style.


The year prior, my husband and I purchased a quirky adorable home from 1901 on the outskirts of Ottawa. From the moment we saw it, we knew it was home. It was filled with character, life, and oh so much history. It was exactly what we had been looking for in the last six apartments and houses we had lived in. Immediately, I began customizing room boards and sourcing unique vintage items on every possible platform I could. During this process, I began sharing each step on my personal instagram for family and friends to see. Little did I know that posting my thrift hauls and brass cleaning videos would lead me here.


After a brief deliberation, I launched an instagram business page to act as a home blog where I would continue to share all of our projects and pre-owned pieces. This home blog quickly became a location for my new followers to inquire about sourcing and buying services. I was in disbelief that my love for all things unique and eclectic could actually become a career. I had always loved the idea of owning a small vintage boutique filled with unconventional home goods - this was truly my dream job if I was ever asked. Never the less, I took the leap and launched The Boho Abode. A place that is now filled with a unique mix of one of a kind furniture and home decor that cannot be found in any big box store. Each item has a past, has a story, and being able to offer these items to my clients and have them be a part of their story is the best possible feeling in the world. 


Vintage & pre-loved items can make the world go round - literally. We do not need more "new" items ending up in our landfills. We don't need more mass produced furniture. There is enough vibrant, eclectic, and unique second hand items anywhere you go. The best part? They all have a story, and can be a part of yours too.

- Sarah King, Owner of

The Boho Abode